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At ABC Sweepstakes, our goal is to help you win money. We are partnered with one of the most exciting online instant win gaming systems available on the market today. We make sure that when you sign up with our promo code, SWEEPSTAKES, you are receiving the most up-to-date and best available promotions that Ace Phone Card can deliver. The best thing about working with us to gain your entries to the sweepstakes and online games is that every time you use money to play, you are also receiving something valuable and tangible – Phone Time from Ace Phone Cards. The way to enter our sweepstakes and play the over 90 unique instant win games is to purchase phone time in the form of an Ace Phone Card. These International Phone Cards are worth their weight in gold when it comes to online play. For each $1.00 you spend on a card, you will receive 100 FREE entries to play the games. You have the ability to take your phone card purchase and turn it into additional money instantly by playing the sweepstakes. Ace Reveal has secure servers and they make sure that your information is safe at all times. Their guests are their number one priority. The only thing that you need to do now is decide how much phone time you would like to purchase and start playing the games and take advantage of your chance to win money instantly online with Ace Phone Cards.

Before ABC Sweepstakes started offering the latest promotional codes from Ace Phone Cards, we were just like you. We would spend time searching the internet for the perfect place to have the opportunity to play exciting online instant win games. All too often we would find a site that promised fun but was either too difficult to sign up or the games just were not that fun. We decided to then take things into our own hands and partner with the best online sweepstakes game company that we could find. The deal is that we would supply the promotional code to get the best specials and bonus’ available, and they would supply the online sweepstakes games, much like you would find in an local internet cafe. The sign up is easy, the pay outs are real, and the fun can be had from anywhere.

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To know more about how easy it is to be on your way to entering our online sweepstakes and playing instant win games, we have supplied a tutorial on how to sign up which is located on our “Join Now” page. With the purchase of an Ace Phone Card, you get FREE entries for each minute of talk time you purchase. $1 equals 100 FREE entries into the sweepstakes and online games that you can play from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Just make sure to enter the code promo SWEEPSTAKES upon sign up to become eligible for the best offers and specials on talk time and entries into the games. Take a look at the video for behind the scenes footage of the games and winnings!

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